Brunel University and White October partner to develop myPace, to improve the relationship between dietitian and patient.

The challenge

Research showed that dietitians felt the consultations with their clients were sometimes not very productive. Goals would be set, based on small steps of relevant behavioural change. At subsequent consultations the clients were often unable to recall the details of the small steps and it was difficult for the health professional to recommend new courses of action.

The solution

Once goals have been set, the client will receive an email from their health professional, which contains a link to download a customised version of myPace via the iTunes store onto a mobile device of their choice. The patient can then access the various features within the myPace app and will receive daily reminders of the small steps they have agreed to and receive the messages that the dietitian has sent. The dietitian would typically print off a report and use it to give focus to the next consultation. The ability to track success relating to long term goals and activity is fundamental to patients learning to manage their weight. Our agile and lean approach to development ensured budget and resources were conserved.

White October adopted an ordered and effective approach to truly understanding our requirements. This was followed by many consultative development iterations, where they listened to feedback and made adjustments. They were very responsive and extremely professional – a great team to work with.

Prof. Julie Barnett, Health Research, Brunel University

Our clients include

Oxford Analytica
Open Data Institute
Oxford University
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