The challenge

Hannah Elford, Design & Communications Manager at Paragon set White October the kind of challenge we love: create a clearer, more intuitive website that makes people’s lives easier. It’s the sort of brief that sounds simple but rarely is, so we started – as we usually do – by going back to basics. That meant spending a lot of time talking to Hannah to find out what Paragon does and how it works. It meant setting objectives based on what Paragon residents really wanted from the website. And it meant asking a few probing questions to make sure every single page on the site served a clear, agreed purpose.

The solution

We listened to what residents wanted. We tested our ideas on them right from the start. We pushed back on suggestions from Paragon that didn’t clear the clutter. And we created a site that works for residents and is encouraging staff to move more services online. For now, though, the site has been well-received by residents, and it’s also set staff thinking about how they can promote and deliver services more effectively using digital technology.

National Housing Award winner for best digital marketing

National Housing Award winner

White October are very good from a communications point of view… I always had a strong understanding of what was going on

Hannah Elford, Design & Communications Manager at Paragon

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