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The challenge

The Plantwise programme, led by CABI, helps to reduce crop losses in poor countries. It’s based on a network of plant clinics, where farmers can get practical advice on crops and pest control from expert plant doctors.

Looking to help those plant doctors give the best and most up-to-date advice, CABI and White October worked together to develop the Plantwise mobile app.

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Our approach

Plantwise gives plant doctors everything they need to diagnose issues and make effective recommendations.

Farmers can consult the latest scientific facts, images and best practice advice, and the app doesn’t require internet access and is designed to work on low-cost tablets.

Following the initial roll-out, the app is now used in 34 countries, impacting millions of farmers, and the programme won the prestigious OECD DAC Prize in 2016.

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I feel like part of the White October team, with dedicated and talented staff assigned to my project. They have specialisms not only in development but in project management, testing and design.

Tim Holmes

Head of Technical Solutions, Plantwise Knowledge Bank

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