CABI Fertilizer Optimiser

Giving farmers across Africa the insight to grow and harvest more crops

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The challenge

Not-for-profit research organisation CABI had successfully piloted a tool to help farmers in developing countries calculate the amount of fertiliser they needed to reap the best possible harvest.

Next they wanted farmers and outreach workers across Africa to see the benefits of this tool, so they came to White October to make it happen.

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Our approach

Together we began developing an Android app that could work for the widest audience. From a usability and design perspective, this project was all about simplicity.

We built the app to work seamlessly on basic devices, with an intuitive design for farmers who might have limited experience of digital technology.

The app provides straightforward guidance based on location, soil type and budget. It’s available in multiple languages. And, crucially, it works seamlessly without an internet connection, so farmers can get the information they need, wherever they are.

White October have been great to work with once again. The team worked with us to break down our idea and build it back up as a better product.

Tim Holmes

Head of Technical Solutions, Plantwise Knowledge Bank


CABI’s partner organisations are now using the app across Africa to help farmers get more from the land - and the potential impact is huge.

When farmers are able to grow more, it can mean their families are able to eat more healthily. Family incomes grow. Children can go to school rather than needing to help their parents farm. Over time, that’s the kind of progress that can transform whole communities.


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