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The challenge

Social entrepreneur Jamie Hartzell wanted to create a not-for-profit marketplace for shares in ethical companies.

The project involved significant design and security challenges, so Jamie chose White October to create an online platform that met its demanding criteria and established a solid foundation for future growth.

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Our approach

Our agile approach to software development was vital to Ethex, ensuring the website was delivered on budget and on time. It meant Ethex saw results quickly, with time and money saved for ongoing improvements, and made it straightforward to make changes throughout the project.

Automated tests guaranteed the system functioned correctly and could be safely extended, and we used the open source Symfony framework to deliver both performance and security.

The result? A site that brings ethical investments compellingly to life – and gives users the confidence to choose Ethex to invest. In its first 3 years of operation, Ethex used the site to raise over £50 million in funding for ethical businesses.

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We are genuinely delighted with the high standard of work White October has delivered. The team is professional, skilled and responsive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Philip Read

Director of Online and Operations, Ethex

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  • Web design
  • User experience designers


  • Digital product development
  • Symfony

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