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Building the UK’s first in-store digital search facility with mapping.

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The challenge

When Foyles reopened its flagship store on London’s Charing Cross Road, the bookseller wanted to make it easier than ever for customers to find exactly what they were looking for.

So they asked us to enhance the book-buying experience - using customers smartphones. How could we make it simpler to find the right book from the 200,000+ titles on offer?

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Our approach

We developed the first ever in-store digital search facility with mapping.

To see if demand existed, we advertised the service in-store before developing anything - to see how many people tried to use it. And when we saw demand did exist, we made sure the maps didn’t slow people down, so no apps or passwords needed.

Customers connect automatically to Foyles’ free wifi on their phones and an app-style browser pops up. They search for a title or author and find out if the book they want is available. If it is, a simple map appears to guide them straight to it.

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Foyles Book Search has the potential to create delightful new paths of discovery, and complements our knowledgeable booksellers who are always on hand.

Sam Husain

CEO, Foyles

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