Health Island

Self-service stations that ease patient waiting times and pressure on GP’s

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The challenge

How can GPs spend more time offering the best possible care to patients and less time finding out basic health information – from blood pressure to diet and exercise habits?

The West Heath GP practice near Birmingham came to us to explore how patients could get more involved in the data collection process. Could technology help free up doctors’ time while ensuring patients always felt comfortable, confident and in control?

Women using the health island self service
Floor plan of health island booths

Our approach

We wanted to understand how self-testing stations in the surgery could help patients send information and measurements to doctors before appointments.

We began by understanding what would happen from the moment a patient arrived at the surgery, before mapping out the physical space where stations would be placed.

From there, we developed a simple touchscreen interface, featuring straightforward questions and tests that can be tailored so patients only provide the information doctors need. The stations also feature an automated blood pressure cuff, and all clinical data is collected in a format that integrates directly with patients’ electronic health records.

Future impact

The self-testing stations are now being tested with pilot groups of surgery users, to understand how they make patients feel and what impact they have on doctors’ workload.

And it’s hoped that this is only the beginning. The modular technology is designed so that other devices and tests can be added in the future, while GPs across the UK and beyond are facing exactly the same pressures that Health Island stations are designed to help relieve.

Health Island room in the clinic


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