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The challenge

Lambeth Council faced a difficult double challenge: how to improve library services in the borough while making major budget cuts.

Determined to move away from public consultations in draughty halls, the council wanted to find new ways to involve local people in decisions about how its money should be spent.

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Our approach

Together we developed the Lambeth Library Challenge – an award-winning online tool that simulates what it’s like to run a library.

Users move through a series of illustrated pages, deciding how much to spend on everything from books to cleaning. .

The tool gives real insight into the difficult choices that need to be made, and users’ comments and choices help the Council to plan what to prioritise.

On average, people spent more than seven minutes on the challenge, and the Council was so happy with the response it began planning how to extend it to get input on local green spaces.

Quite simply the tool has changed and improved the way we work with our library users.

Adrian Smith

Director of Commissioning, Lambeth Council

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