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The challenge

James Vaughan, Managing Director of Ultimate Sports Group (USG), had a vision to get children of all abilities more excited about playing sport. He asked White October to help him turn that vision into a digital business.

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Ultimate Player app, tablet, statistics

Our approach

We helped USG create a digital business model that meant the UltimatePlayer.me platform could be offered to all coaches for free. And to validate this model fast, we built the riskiest parts of the platform first - making sure children engaged with the idea before we moved on to get coaches and parents involved.

The platform allows children to advance through levels of achievement as their coaches score their performances against specific skills. It’s fast, easy-to-use and keeps everyone interested and involved.

As well as building the platform, we created the visual branding for Ultimate Player too.

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Ultimate Player branding, colours and fonts
Digital brand development

Wow. The effect Ultimate Player had on my child was unbelievable - he simply couldn't wait for his next training session.

Catherine S


It is crucial we give children the support and structure to try their best and succeed in sport. This is how we will find tomorrow’s superstars.

Dame Kelly Holmes

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Created through research

Ultimate Player was refined during three years of research and development in UK school sports. In total, 100 coaches and 25,000 children were involved.

The first largescale trial of Ultimate Player took place over eight weeks at 15 summer camps.

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Ultimate Player tennis squad

Keeping kids coming back

The initial research phase found that Ultimate Player had an immediate impact on participation. When coaches were using the platform, children attended on average 15 more sessions per year - equivalent to a whole term of extra coaching.

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